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Irregular shaped glass cylinder pendant lamp in different colors
by Glashütte Krakau

Print Item No. CL3512* FL# 43-

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About the Manufacturer

Brass and antique brass, stainless steel and copper meet mouth-blown glass of the highest quality: this impressive combination, perfected by Italian glassworks, now presented by the young glassworks in Kraków but at affordable prices. With great attention to detail, the small craft business produces luminaires that speak for themselves with their simple but effective designs. The colorful, partly iridescent glasses are the result of the so-called lustre technology used since the Middle Ages, which ensures a high degree of gloss and maximum light transmission. All metal parts, such as glass holders, canopies and sockets are also manufactured in our own company using traditional pressing technology. More products from Glashütte Krakau

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