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Large swiveling ceiling light PLANO DR with disc-shaped reflector
by Holtkötter Leuchten

Print Item No. CL4624* HK# DL 9913-4

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About the Manufacturer

German lighting manufacturer Holtkötter, founded in 1964, is known as one of the few remaining German companies that build functional interior lighting with an contemporary design and technology approach. From toolmaking and the design department to the spinning, stamping, belting, electroplating, grinding, paint and assembly shop, Holtkötter relies on the expertise and experience of its own employees, which has grown over decades. For Holtkötter’s philosophy, light itself and it’s effects are of utmost importance. To fulfill these needs, the family-led company invests in the development of modern LED light sources with superior brightness and colour rendering qualities. Other parts like joints, touch dimmers with memory functions and especially metal finishes add to the high-end construction and appearance of Holtkötter lamps. More products from Holtkötter Leuchten