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Hexagonal Tiffany glass ceiling in warm colors
by Tiffany-Leuchten

Print Item No. CL5056* TFF# DL

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About the Manufacturer

Almost 150 years after American artist and entrepreneur Louis Comfort Tiffany founded his "Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company" in New York, the Tiffany glass technique invented by him enjoys unabated popularity. He made it possible to solder glass panes together by adding a border with a layer of copper and tin (back in the days lead was also used). Thus he arranged them into detailed ornaments, patterns and images. Next to church windows, lampshades proved to be an ideal application of this technology, even more because at the time the filament bulb was making its way into private households.

Our Tiffany lamps can of course not match the quality of the originals which are unaffordable today. But they are handmade in the same process and fully express the fascination of Tiffany glass art. In addition to Tiffany-typical naturalistic and playful designs, many of our Tiffany lights follow influences from the Art Déco of the early 20th century, especially from the expressionist Amsterdam School which is characterized by a simple, flat and very harmonious geometry. Most lampshades are available in different models, such as pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

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