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JIELDÉ LOFT ZIG-ZAG Floor lamp with seven joints
by Jieldé

Print Item No. CL880* JLD LOFT D9406

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About the Manufacturer

In 1950, when Jean-Louis Domecq's search for the ideal task light for his workshop was unsuccessful, he decided to construct a lamp that would satisfy his high requirements in function and robustness. In doing so, he developed joints with sliding contacts in the interior, with which the arms and the light source could be completely adjusted without having to worry about problems with the cabling. The LOFT "bump ball" joints and the hemispherical reflector shade with brackets gave the lamp its characteristic shape and later became a popular classic of the French industrial style.

The luminaire has been a complete success and has been produced since 1955 under the company name "Jieldé" (based on Domecq's initials JLD). All Jieldé lamps are still hand-crafted by the family business in Lyon and are powder-coated in various colours. Each lamp is given a plaque with a number which identifies it as a singular and exclusive piece.

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